CAN YOU FOLLOW INSTRUTION   คลิกที่นี่ เพื่อโหลดเกมนี้


The following test is to see how well you can follow instructions. But you only have 5 minutes in which to complete it so you will have to work quickly. Have a pen or pencil ready and begin when your teacher says “start”. You must stop immediately when your teacher says “Time’s up!” You must not talk to anyone else in the class or let them see your paper. Good luck!

1. Read through the questions carefully first.

2. Write your surname in the left-hand box above.

3. Draw a circle around the word surname in the sentence two.

4. Draw two small triangles in the right-hand box above.

5. Put an ‘x’ inside each triangle.

6. Put a circle around each triangle.

7. Write your first name in the middle box above.

8. Write Yes, I can after the title.

9. Put a circle around the word follow in the title.

10. Underline sentence 5.

11. Multiply 123 by 76 and write your answer in the following box.

12. Underline the seventh word in the sentence 4.

13. When you reach this sentence, stand up, clap your hands twice then sit down again.

14. Write your teacher’s name in this box:

15. Cross out the second word in the sentence which begins with the word Read.

16. Draw a tree in the box in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

17. Draw a picture of the sun above the tree you have just drawn.

18. When you reach this sentence, say out loud I have reached sentence eighteen!

19. Count up all the word in the first three sentence. Write the total in the following circle.

20. Put a circle around every the in the first ten sentences.

21. Find the word carefully  in one of the sentences and underline it.

22. When you reach this sentence, walk to the door, touch it and say, I have almost


23. Cross out all the odd numbers in front of each sentence.

24. Now that you have read through all the sentences, just write your name here: